Saturday, December 12, 2009

Graco Pack n Play for Christmas

When my parents asked what they should get our son for Christmas, one thing immediately came to mind - Graco Pack 'n Play Playard in Bugs Quilt. We really need something for our son when we travel for him to sleep in, and also to play in if we don't know the environment we will be going to. Right now he doesn't crawl or walk, but they aren't far down the road so this will be a fantastic gift we will get a crazy amount of use out of. We will also use it around the house as it it nice to know you have a safe place you can put your child while you run to the bathroom or answer the phone or whatever.

After doing quite a bit of looking at various Pack n Play option, this one clearly fit our need best. First, it is the largest among the normal pack n plays on the market giving our growing son more room to play in. Most of the pack n plays that I looked at are rated through 2 years of age, this one goes to 3 years. I suspect by the time he is three we won't be using it a whole lot, but it might still serve as a travel bed for our son at that age. The colors are bright with red, blue, yellow and green sides. There are various things (butterflies) for the child to play with sewn into the mesh sides. The butterflies are above where a child's face might press while sleeping, so there are no worries there. It does weigh 24lbs, but that really is only about 3lbs more than most of the other ones on the market.

Another thing I really liked is how all the reviewers raved about the simplicity of set up for this. When you have a screaming/crying child and you want it set up, you don't want some complex mechanism or multiple parts, and this pack n play is particularly simple to set up.

So some time in the next 7-10 days it should arrive and we'll set it up and give it a run. I'm excited to get it!

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