Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Memorialize Your Pet's Ashes

As if cat ladies weren't creepy enough...

Gina Ambriati, Salina, New York, has a unique service that she offers to pet owners in mourning. She arranges to have an animal cremated, and then seals some of the ashes in a custom-made stuffed animal, often one similar to the deceased pet. The idea for the business — Beloved Pets by Gina — was born from her own experience after her dog, Mugsy, died. She and her husband thought they would never be able to hug their dog again. Overcome with grief, she had the idea to put his ashes inside of a stuffed dog that sat on the back of her couch. "It was like God answered my prayers," Ambriati said. "I could hold him again." [Syracuse.com]

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