Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Legislation Protects Women and Girls From Sex Traffickers

Gov. Don Carcieri (R.I.) signed legislation closing a loophole that made indoor prostitution legal in the state — essentially a "welcome mat" for sex traffickers. The three bills included in the legislation end Rhode Island's status as the only state that allowed indoor prostitution (brothels) statewide. It is legal in some counties in Nevada. The legislation also extends rights to women and girls who are victims, giving the police the tools to intercede and interview victims and to be able to put them in touch with social services. Victims are often arrested, imprisoned and then coerced back into the sex trade. A provision was added that says no victim of trafficking can be convicted of a prostitution offense. The legislation also prohibits minors from working in strip clubs. [CitizenLink.com, WBZ.com]

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