Thursday, October 01, 2009

Sermon – Matthew 5:3 – Life’s Healing Choices: The Beatitudes part 1

If you are new to my blog, you might be interested to know I post each week's sermon on our church's web site at - This past week was Matthew 5:3.

We have just started a new sermon series that come from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount where we are focusing on the Beatitudes. This is a series that a number of churches throughout the USA are doing in conjunction with Saddleback Church and pastor Rick Warren.

I am looking forward to preaching on the next 7 Beatitudes. I have already had great feedback from people in our church that it is challenging them and changing them.

We have begun to post audio of each week's sermon on the church web site, and hope to someday be able to do video. We are currently recording the video, but we don't have a host nor storage to make this happen yet. Baby steps! But we do also have a podcast, though I am working out some kinks on the setup of that podcast so please be patient with us!

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