Monday, September 21, 2009

Gambling Addiction and Senior Citizens

As many as one in 10 seniors may be addicted to gambling, according to some researchers. Even a small loss at a slot machine or bingo table could mean financial trouble for those on a fixed income. "When we talk about gambling for this age group, it isn't just going to a casino, but it's also things like lottery, sweepstakes, that kind of thing," said Dr. Dennis McNeilly, associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. McNeilly indicated that what some senior citizens see as entertainment may end up being a path to addiction. Some signs to look for are: cashing in life insurance, asking for money to pay for everyday expenses and neglecting personal needs and family. []

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Samual James said...

According to me, the biggest reason behind the growing interest of senior citizens is the boredom they feel because of retirement or sitting at home.

In previous times, some high profiled senior people used to play casinos, because they already have earnt enough to spend in their old age. It was just a good time pass for them, and it was not bad at all, because they had sufficient money.

But with changing time, people of every financial group started having this addiction, which is turning out to be a big trouble, as they are already dependent on their other family members and it become quite difficult for them to manage the cash for gambling.

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