Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Clergy Rank #8 for Prestige of Occupation

The American public views firefighters, scientists and doctors as the most prestigious occupations, while real estate agents, accountants and stockbrokers are at the bottom, according to a recent Harris Interactive survey.

The poll has been conducted annually for 32 years, and in the original poll of 1977, clergy were at same percentage level as today. The biggest change in the survey findings over the years has been a 22-point increase in the prestige level of teachers.

Top 10 Occupations with "Great Prestige"
Firefighter 62%
Scientist 57%
Doctor 56%
Nurse 54%
Military officer 51%
Teacher 51%
Police officer 44%
Priest/minister 41%
Engineer 39%
Farmer 36%

The Bottom 10 Occupations with "Great Prestige"
Business exec. 23%
Athlete 21%
Journalist 17%
Union leader 17%
Entertainer 17%
Banker 16%
Actor 15%
Stockbroker 13%
Accountant 11%
Real estate agent 5%

Check out Harris Interactive for the full report.

(HT: Leadership Network)

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