Thursday, February 12, 2009

I won! (Kinda)

A few weeks ago, CJ Mahaney (and Tony Reinke) asked for people to submit real sports stories that taught us humility.

So I entered a story. And I won. I think. I mean I know I won, but having my story told publicly will be a humility inducing experience. But I get a free DVD (and more!). And over the last few days I've had the opportunity to have Tony Reinke remind me that every time they read my story, they laugh out loud.

I'll hold off on publishing my story so they can run it first. In fact, I might never publish my story, we'll see how much humility I can tolerate. :-)

BTW, I don't know if my ranking at #1 on their web site is a coincidence or not. I'm hoping my being first was random, and not an indicator that my story is the most humiliating they received!

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chad said...

His Family Can attest, this happened.