Monday, January 12, 2009

Life in the Fishbowl - by Craig Groeschel

The following was written by Pastor Craig Groeschel of I've mentioned Craig Groeschel a number of times over the years on this blog. He has a great insight into life, and I really respect how he goes about his ministry. Plus he has done great things to spread the name of Jesus Christ!

Life in the Fishbowl

goldfishThose who are not in vocational ministry may not understand this week’s discussion. (Even when I was an associate pastor, I didn’t fully understand the public pressure my pastor’s family faced.)

Right or wrong, when you’re a pastor, people’s expectations of you change.

  • Some believe you are holier than you could humanly achieve. Others are skeptical, secretly hoping you’ll fail.
  • Some sincerely hope your family is materially blessed. Others think your family should barely be above the poverty line.
  • Many will have very high expectations of your kids. Some will privately (or publicly) gloat when your kids fail.
  • Some people will want to be close to you simply because you’re a pastor. Others will be too nervous to be themselves around you.
  • Some will extend irrational love toward you and your family. Others will be easily offended (and dislike you) over something you would consider a minor misunderstanding.
  • Some will almost worship you (even though you don’t want it). Many of those same people will leave your church before the end of this year.
  • The joy of intimate Christian relationships for pastors couldn’t be greater. The pain and loss of broken relationships will haunt you throughout your ministry.

The life of a pastor isn’t better or worse than others. But it is different. This week we’ll talk about how to handle some of those differences.

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