Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yet another reason my wife rocks

She got me an Apple iPod. The 120Gig Classic! And in the dark gray body! 100% perfect, exactly what I've been wanting for 3 years, but never specifically told her about or asked for!!!! It's already loaded and ready for the road. Hundreds of sermons loaded, and 1048 songs, plus some sermon videos as well. I know I am way behind the times in just now getting one of these things, but I still feel like I hit the jackpot!

We are heading to Sioux Falls tomorrow, but ended up with some unintended visitors tonight. My father-in-law and the boyfriend of my wife's aunt had the transmission in the Chrysler Pacifica they are driving (my wife's aunt's vehicle) start to act up really strangely. It won't stay in gear unless you stay on the gas. The transmission light is on, and nothing is open tomorrow. They are hoping they can make it to the Twin Cities tomorrow, but didn't want to risk things in the dark with sub zero temperatures over night. So we have yet to pack, and we are leaving town in 6 hours! We'll make it work.

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