Friday, October 17, 2008

A cool pastor appreciation video by Steven Furtick

I don't mention him much, but I've been following Pastor Steven Furtick and Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC for 18 months or so. A lot of good things happening there. Steven is amazingly young, fantastically gifted, enormously talented, and surprisingly wise - wise beyond his years. And if you watch the video, you should know he's not joking about being a white guy who preaches like a black guy. He really does - he can bring it!

I'll never be as cool as Steven, I wouldn't even waste my time trying. Rather I'll point you to the video he made in his cool orange office where he thanks some of the men who have been influential in his ministry. A very nice way to say thanks. Someday, if we ever buy a digital video camera, I might do something similar. Until then you'll just have to settle for reading my posts on Pastor Appreciation Month.

Elevation Church's staff have been incredibly open in helping other churches. I've contacted them a couple of times and received well thought out and prompt responses. Additionally, they've done other things like mail me a DVD to just be a blessing to myself (as well as a whole host of other pastors). If Elevation Church isn't on your radar and you are looking for fresh ideas on how to do church, I suggest giving them a long hard look!

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