Thursday, September 18, 2008

Plans for the weekend?

For the record, my church is much cooler than your church.  Unless you go to my church...then we'll call it a push...barely.  ;-)

Seriously though, we have some fun things going on this weekend, and if you are in the greater Waseca metropolitan area I invite you to join in.

To kick the weekend off we'll be walking in the Waseca Marching Classic Parade on Saturday.  We'll be handing out candy and some nice looking bookmarks (see image) to those who will be lining the streets.  For details check out our church web site at

Then on Sunday after church, our church is going fishing.  Really!  In a beautiful park on the lake - Clear Lake Park - a couple of helpful ladies in our church are hosting a fishing event for all who come.  The primary focus is for the kids of our church, but anybody can show up and participate.  We have the gear, and will even bait your hook!  We do not guarantee that you will catch fish though.  A cold?  Maybe.  Some weeds?  Possibly.  But a fish?  Well, that is up to you.

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