Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Luke 10:2 Sermon – Plentiful Harvest

I finally got my newest sermon posted focusing on Luke 10:2 on our church's website at I was a bit slow on this as we moved this last weekend from St. Paul, MN - near the chaos of the RNC - to Waseca, MN - near the tranquility of the lake! What a dramatic change - and we love it. No more commuting for me! That'll save a lot in gas.

We literally started packing Friday night, and by 8:00PM Saturday we had almost everything loaded in a 26 foot Uhaul truck, my truck, and both our cars. We did have to go back Sunday afternoon/evening to clean and get the last things out of the shed. All told, I took 3 truck loads in my S-10, 1 load with the 26ft truck, and 3 other car loads. Some of our fine china will make its way down later, as it is living with my in-laws for safe keeping at the moment.

I hate moving. And we get to do it again in 9 months. Thankfully a couple of people from our church helped us unload the moving truck. Some ladies also very graciously brought food too us too! My parents and my wife's parents were an unbelieveable help, and we hired 2 guys for 2 hours of loading help on Saturday evening that worked their tails off for us.

Monday, rather than unpacking, we spent the day with friends and family relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Unfortunately my father-in-law's boat died, so I became the human tug boat and pulled it into our dock. Pulling it wasn't too tough, but extracting my feet from 6 inches of muck on each step was quite exhausting. All in all it was a good and very tiring weekend!

We don't (yet) have internet where we are living, so the next week or two until we get that figured out my response time to all things via the web will be slow.

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