Saturday, August 09, 2008

Chino Latino - tried something new tonight!

We ate at Chino Latino tonight with a friend who wanted to take us out for dinner. My first time there, and I was thoroughly impressed with the food. The atmosphere left something to be desired, but the food was totally worth the wait. The waitstaff was helpful and had good recommendations.

We ate:


mesquite-smoked Pacific swordfish tossed in citrus dressing and served with a pile of crunchy tortilla chips and creamy guacamole


a gaucho-sized portion of spice-rubbed beef tenderloin, Brazilian herb-marinated chicken and spicy chorizo sausage served churrasco style with chimmichurri and molho apimentado.


grilled corn with queso fresco, lime juiceand cayenne pepper


Wok Glazed Green Beans

Pad Thai Noodles

Fried Rice with Guacamole

The Argentine Roizio platter was out of this world. The tenderloin was tender and juicy, and the side of rub that you can add to it made it fantastic. The Chicken was juicy and flavorful. The weak spot of the platter was the Chorizo, and even that was decent, though I've had better.

The Elote was so good, that I'm tempted to go back and order a couple just for myself. The Wok Glazed Green Beans are fantastic. I've tried for a long time to make green beans in a similar way, and now have found perfection. I will have to abuduct their kitchen staff next time I try to make my similar green beans. Though I would give a bit more of a hot kick to mine.

If you are looking for some interesting and tasty cuisine in the Uptown area of Minneapolis, I reccommend this place whole heartedly. Just know that it is deafingly loud, very crowded on weekends, and the wait for a table can get very long.

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