Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boston Day 2

Sunday I flew from Minneapolis to Boston. I then entered into the adventure that is the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (Boston's mass-transit). I took the silver line from the airport, to the red line, to the green line, and then 20 stops later at the end of the line found myself discombobulated and somewhat lost. I had directions, but having never been here before they weren't completely clear to me. After a bit of wondering and sheer dumb luck I ended up on the correct street, where I walked up a hill to where we are staying for the week - the Walker Center.

For the week we are studying Congregationalism and Covenant Theology. The classes are at the Congregational Library at 14 Beacon Street in downtown Boston. Our primary instructor is Dr. Steven Peay. 14 Beacon Street was the "office" for Ally McBeal.

Cool things:
-I'm becoming a pro at the "T" which is what Boston calls its subway system.
-I am sitting 5 feet from a chair from Jonathan Edward's office. While it's not a particularly impressive chair, it is cool nonetheless.
-We just looked at one of the first copies of the Eliot Bible - the Eliot Bible was the first Bible printed in the Americas.
-We looked at 1 of the 3 first copies of the Cambridge Platform
-We got to look through the stacks in the rare book room yesterday. We didn't get to go into the "cage" where the most valuable and rare books are housed. Books dating to the 1500's are housed in that cage, some of the earliest copies of some of the Pilgrim and Puritan fathers.
-Downtown Boston is pretty cool. Old and new mixed everywhere.
-Had lunch yesterday at Union Oyster House - really good eats! I had some Clam Chowdaah that ranks top 3 of chowder in my life.
-Had the best Mac & Cheese of my life @ Union Street Restaurant, Bar & Patio - 4 cheese pasta with white truffle oil over the top - for dinner last night. It's was a sports bar at the Newton Centre Station off the Green Line in Boston. Go North, turn left to the end of the block, turn right and go to the Union Street side of the block (1 block North) and you'll find it just around the corner to the right down an alley.

Uncool things:
-Everyone in Boston smokes. I think I saw a pigeon spark up a heater on the way into downtown this morning. Butts everywhere, smoke everywhere. I feel like I'm in Europe with this many people smoking
-Subway system is undergoing a huge face lift. Currently it is very run down, tired looking, and under repair/replacement all over. Should be done in 2009
-The Walker Center where we are staying is lacking in accommodations, and isn't the cleanest either (I'd call it dumpy chic - a professor called it New England Shabby).

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Anonymous said...

i've stayed at Walker, too--for the price in Boston, it's hard to beat.

LOVE Newton Center. Go to Appetito some night if you can.

mrclm said...

We went back to Newton Center last night and again went to Union Bar and Grill. I had the Risotto Fritters - and they were OUTSTANDING! We might hit Newton Center again tomorrow night. The problem is we get there so late only a few places are still open.

Chris Meirose