Friday, July 18, 2008

Desiring God National Conference 2008 - See you there!

Last Sunday the leadership of my church approved my request to attend this year's Desiring God National Conference. So earlier this week I got registered so I could make sure I would get in (they WILL sell out) and so I could get the lower price (goes up August 15th!).

The theme of this year's conference is as you see above - The Power of Words and the Wonder of God. The speaker line up is fantastic - I am especially looking forward to the words Mark Driscoll and Sinclair Ferguson will be bringing.

I also got word today that there is possibly going to be a luncheon at Bethlehem Baptist Church prior to the conference with D.A. Carson as the potential speaker. Nothing is set officially in that regard, but I'd walk all the way there if I had to in order to hear Dr. Carson speak! It was at a pre-conference event that I first got to hear Dr. Wayne Grudem speak, and Dr. Grudem knocked it out of the park. I expect Dr. Carson (if he comes) will do the same.

I will also be meeting up with a commenter on this blog - Ovidiu - some time during the conference for a meal and connection. A couple of years ago I had a nice meeting with another commenter on this blog - Paul Schafer. The unfortunate thing with my meeting with Paul was that it resulted in my truck being towed by Minneapolis! The result of that was that I've avoided downtown Minneapolis pretty much since then. They can't have any more of my money if I can avoid it.

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