Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Perry Noble on praying for your pastor

Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC., continues to bring forward the need for people to pray for their pastors. I've written on this before back in early April, but it is important enough to keep putting out there to remind people. Your pastors need your prayer, myself included.

Perry says:

I know, I know…seems a little self serving doesn’t it? Well…I make no apologies for that–we need your prayers. And yes, I know that every staff member needs prayer…but I will go ahead and say it…no one in the church–NO ONE–feels the spiritual, emotional and physical highs and lows like the senior pastor. Trust me!

With that in mind…let me share five things that I think all pastors need in regards to being prayed for…

#1 - Our Connection With God

Nothing is more important in a senior pastors life than his personal walk with God–nothing. This is where vision takes place–there is where God sets our hearts on fire like in Jeremiah 20:9. This is where PERSONAL conviction, correction and encouragement takes place…and the thing EVERYONE OF US NEED more than anything is to REMAIN IN HIM so that our ministry will be fruitful. (John 15:5)

#2 - Our Family

Going to be honest here…the pastors family goes through things that most pastors will not talk about in front of their church. There is usually constant pressure on the children. People expect his wife to be perfect. AND…what the family goes through spiritually is INTENSE. My wife usually has nightmares five or six nights a week. Charisse has often woke us up at night screaming. I could go on and on…but trust me on this one…if you want to BLESS your pastor–COVER his family in prayer!

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Pastor Al Carlisle said...

Well said brother.
A fellow laborer in the Lord.
Bro. Al Carlisle