Friday, April 11, 2008

Mark Driscoll on the ESV Study Bible and other miscellanea

Mark Driscoll drools over his first taste the the not yet released ESV Study Bible.

For the record, the ESV is my preferred translation of the Bible. It is what I study from daily, and what I use when working on a sermon. I do however preach from the NIV, as that is what is in the pews of my church, and the cost of the change over isn't worth the money, effort or time at this juncture. Far more important and necessary things in our church's budget.

I will be preaching on Ruth the next few weeks. I led a Bible study this past Monday where I gave an overview of the whole book, and it really inspired me and reminded me of this great story. I'm looking forward to preaching it! I've been working on the sermon all morning, and got a few hours of study in last night for this week's message.

Later today we have an appointment with our CPA, Mr. Larry Mahoney. I really hate working on taxes. Last year we got a nice refund, but we are thinking that won't happen again this year. Hopefully Mr. Mahoney still has a few rabbits in his hat! Seriously though, if you are looking for a solid and highly qualified CPA in St. Paul, Larry Mahoney has done a good job for us. It's not cheap, but our taxes are complex, and I suspect with all of his abilities and tools the out of pocket cost is greatly offset with savings we wouldn't have otherwise gotten.

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