Monday, February 18, 2008

Acts29 Boot Camp - Scott Thomas' notes from Chicago

Scott Thomas shared some thoughts given by Mark Driscoll at the Chicago Acts29 Boot Camp. Ones that caught my attention:

Driscoll said he prefers to preach rather than teach about preaching. He cleverly said it is the difference between going on a date and teaching someone about dating. "Going on a date with your wife always ends a lot better than a lecture about dating your wife. Likewise, it is much more fun to preach than it is to talk about preaching."

Preaching is like driving a stick shift. It takes time to learn the rhythm. For the time being, there may be a lot of gear grinding. Take your time. Get your own voice. Listen to a lot of sermons. Practice preaching to anyone who will listen--or at least won't yell back.

The secret to church fruitfulness is opening the Bible, exalting Jesus through someone who believes in the authority of Scripture. Driscoll said, "Don't buy into the myth that preaching is out. Preaching is only out for those who suck at it."

2 Timothy 4:2 is every preacher's life verse and it says to "preach the word." In doing so, we need to preach with a tight fist on the Scriptural principles and a loose fist around the missiological applications. Our preaching is to be both timeless with the truth of God's word and with methods that are timely.

Six Framing Questions for Preaching the Word

1. What does Scripture say? - The Biblical Question
2. What does the Scripture Mean? - The Theological Question
3. What is my Hook? - The Memorable Question
4. Why do people resist this truth? - The Apologetic Question
5. Why does this matter? - The Missional Question
6. How is Jesus the Hero/Savior? - The Christological Question

To hear the whole sermon and download the notes, visit the Acts 29 website.

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