Thursday, January 31, 2008

Some things I've been listening to lately...

I just finished listening to a sermon by Erwin McManus of Mosaic Church called "Party Theology". While I realize we are only 31 days into the year, this will undoubtedly still be among the best sermons I have heard this year. He casts an amazing vision, I wanted to be part of it and I live 1,935 miles from where he preached it. I don't always resonate with McManus' message, though I do always appreciate his gift in preaching and communicating.

I have been listening to a bunch of audio books, books I've been wanting to read but that have been low on the priority list. I spend an hour or so a day (minimum) in my truck 5 days a week, so I like to utilize this time. Normally I listen to sermons, but I wanted something different for a period.

The books I have listened to in the last month are Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders, Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. I have also started listening to "Jack" by Jack Welsch, but am only one disk in, and it's 12 disks long!

Of these books, Blink was probably the best, Love is the Killer App the most applicable, and Freakonomics the one that made me think the most. They are all worth a listen/read. There is a bit of colorful language in Freakonomics when the authors are quoting some inner city Chicago drug gang members.

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