Sunday, January 27, 2008

Flaky Furnace Fixed!

I made mention that our furnace has been acting up. Yesterday we officially got it running right. I started a week ago by replacing batteries in the thermostat. Not the long term fix, though it did run better for a few hours. So I thought it was the heat actuator in the thermostat. I replaced the thermostat. Still didn't fix the problem. Eventually we found it was a build up on the flame sensor (I'm sure there is an official name for this) that was causing this. Taking the sensor out, scraping it clean, cleaning out the already pretty clean combustion tubes, and reassemble. Runs like a champ. We have regular heat! What it was doing is that it would turn on, and you would hear the exhaust fan spool up. Once the burners started going, it would run for 4 seconds and shut off. Then restart. Over and over again as it tried to heat the house. The temperature was slowly dropping, though from time to time it would get on and stay on bringing the house back up to temp. Thankfully while we were gone last weekend it managed to limp along, in spite of extraordinary low temperatures in the negative teens and twenties across the state of Minnesota.

In an unrelated note, I've been seeing quite a few Jeep Wrangler Unlimiteds the past few days. I really like the way they look. I've always disliked the shorter wheelbase Jeeps, and the Unlimited seems to be exactly the change I wanted. Not that I probably would ever have a chance to own one, but I do think they are cool. I'm driving my S-10 until the wheels fall off!

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