Friday, September 28, 2007

Willow Creek Ancient-Future Conference Pt. 2

So far so good, the conference has gone very well. I sat in on a great session this morning on the identification and cultivation of small group leaders. I will blog on it further at some point in the future, but it was simple yet brilliant.

Today we have two break out sessions to start the day off, so we didn't to worship to start our day off. That is honestly a disappointment for me. I love getting together and singing, and it is especially cool to do so in Willow's sanctuary with thousands of other leaders.

If you would like to know more about Willow Creek's Group Life Conference they have a lot of related resources over at the Willow Creek Group Life Community pages.

I am now in break out session #2 where I will continue learning about finding and developing small group leaders through a process called "Liquid" from the guys from Mariners Church.

Scot McKnight's session was very good yesterday. He effectively said the same things as he did at our Sanctuary service, but those who heard both were unanimous in their feeling that his presentation at our church was actually even better than his Willow presentation!

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Steve said...

Hi Chris,

I visited your site yesterday for the first time. I saw it on Acts 29. I was the 2nd to comment about Driscoll's new book after I ordered it.

I grew up in Chicago and visited Willow Creek many years ago. Hope your visit was nice. We've had great weather lately.

I moved out to N/W Indiana about 9 years ago but still work in Chicago.

Are you in Acts 29? If not, have you been to any bootcamps? I'll be attending with others this January in Chicago.

RC said...

mcknights teaching was probably real interesting.

what do you take from it?

mrclm said...

Steve and RC,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Right now I am not part of Acts29 in having attended anything, but I do get the emails. Eventually will get to a boot camp, but thus far timing and distance has worked against me. I will also summarize my thoughts on the Willow Creek Conference next week, including my thoughts on Scott McKnight. I am roofing all this week, and we're supposed to be getting some weather this weekend so I really have to hit the road and get working on my roof! So I'm not ignoring you guys, I will get back around to it, but just in a few days time.

Big Chris