Friday, September 21, 2007

Ten Shekel Shirt Lyrics for "Great"

Below are the lyrics to the song Great by Ten Shekel Shirt. I really dig these guys.

I have always wanted to be somebody who is great

To be great in, great in your eyes, is my dream
To be the one who makes you smile is everything

To love my enemies
To serve others until I become the least

To be great in, great in your eyes, is my dream
To be the one who makes you smile is everything

Greatness in this world is different than greatness in your eyes

To be great in, great in your eyes, is my dream
To be the one who makes you smile is everything

To be genuine in my love for others and for you is to be great

Ten Shekel Shirt is not currently making together, though their front man Lamont Hiebert has been doing some great stuff on his own if you want something that is pretty similar. He has a new album coming out in early 2008 called Jubilee that suspect will make its way into my CD player.

A little bit more on Lamont Hiebert from his bio page on his web site:

In 2000, Canadian recording artist Lamont Hiebert wrote, recorded and co-produced the album Much. Before releasing the album Lamont recruited Austin Morrison (drums) and Tommy Lee (bass) and formed the band Ten Shekel Shirt. The independent release of that album sparked the attention of Integrity Music who then signed Lamont Hiebert as an artist under the moniker / band name of Ten Shekel Shirt. The debut album Much sold 130,000 units, was nominated for a Dove Award, featured the #1 hit "Ocean" and the top ten song "Meet With Me”.

While recording the 2nd Ten Shekel Shirt album Risk, Lamont co-founded Justice for Children International. (JFCI is a public charity that works to abolish child slavery and restore survivors.) Although the album Risk received rave reviews after its release in 2003 Lamont was torn between his music career and the abolitionist organization he started. “Unfortunately there is only so much time in a day. I was the Executive Director for a growing international charity and a front man for a successful rock band. From 2003 – 2006, I had to put my music career aside for the most part in order to focus on the organization,” Lamont recalls. Now with effective staff and offices for Justice for Children International in New Haven, CT and in the Philippines, Lamont is able to re-launch his music career guilt free.

So what happens when an artist turns abolitionist turns artist? You get some intense songs about pain, suffering, rescue and restoration. There is an extremely high level of authenticity that comes through in Lamont’s writing because of his work off stage. This isn’t a guy who is merely another spokesperson for a cause, Lamont stepped off the sidelines and onto the field that is the modern-day abolition movement.

Lamont has finished recording his much anticipated new album Jubilee and is set to release it in early 2008. He is convinced this is his best work yet. The line up of musicians has changed and the sound has evolved but the authentic presence of faith, justice and melodic rock remains.

For more info on Justice For Children International go to

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