Friday, June 23, 2006

It's been a very long week...and Homosexuals and the NEA

I stepped in this week as an emergency camp director for the Science Museum of Minnesota for one of their youth camps. I got the call last Thursday around noon, and had 45 extra work hours added to my plate. I was able to get someone to work for me Monday and Tuesday night at my normal job waiting tables, but yesterday I worked both jobs (16+ hours) and today I work both jobs (17+ hours) so needless to say, I'm spent. The camp is 46 5-10 year old boys and girls, and that all by itself is completely draining. Saturday can't come soon enough! All things told, it's been a good week of camp. I have quite a bit of experience (tons) from my time working with the Boy Scouts of America. I said a long time ago I would never do this again, and yet here I find myself running camps for children. I have some posts in the hopper, but only this short bit for today.


From FotF's Pastor's Weekly Briefing

The American Family Association is taking issue with a resolution essentially
endorsing homosexual "marriage" as well as homosexual adoption that
is scheduled to be introduced at next week's annual convention of the National
Education Association. The proposed resolution states the NEA's belief in the
benefits of a "diverse society," noting 17 categories of diversity — among
them the traditional ones like race, color, language, and religion; but also
including gender, sexual orientation, and "gender identification." It
then concludes by saying that the NEA believes those groups and individuals have
legal rights with respect to adoption, domestic partnerships, and "civil
unions and/or marriage."

AFA offers this interpretation: "Translated, that means the NEA will promote
homosexual marriage in every avenue they have available, including textbooks,
to all children at all age levels and without the permission or knowledge of
parents," They also note that teachers' membership dues likely will be used
to help implement the NEA's plan.


DLW said...

That is seriously wrong.

Hey, check out my Pragmatically Prolife Manifesto if you have time...


DLW said...

Thanks for the reply, I think it's better than anything else on the ground right now.

I'd encourage you to share about it with others here.