Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Expiration dates...

We are all born with an expiration date, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) we are not stamped like a milk carton warning when it's our time to go.

I got to thinking about this the other day when prepairing a 10 minute message for a class at Bethel Seminary I am taking called "Communicating the Gospel to Teens." I got to thinking back to the people I've known, loved and lost over the years, and how with many of them, there was no warning when they expired. God knows, but we do not, so therefore as Christians we must continually share the Good News of Jesus Christ. For we know not when our time will come, nor when Christ will return.

What will you do today to expand God's Kingdom? Who do you know who doesn't have a relationship with Jesus Christ?

Be both salt and light to those around you. Live in such a way that people want what you have. Share the reason you have for hope.

There was a time when if you wanted to reach other cultures, you had to go on a missions trip to somewhere far away. Now we can just go across the street. God has brought the world to our doorsteps, and the question is how are we going to respond?

Share the love of Christ with someone today. Have a Kingdom impact.

Milk is good for the body only, Jesus is good for Eternity!

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