Thursday, December 15, 2005

Over the next few weeks...

It's been a long couple of days for me. Yesterday I had to take my truck to the Goodyear shop in Arden Hills, MN for a CV joint/half-shaft replacement, and that ran me $290 and took all day. I sat in the Burger King next door to the shop all day and worked on papers, so it wasn't a complete loss. Then I went over to Banana's house and shoveled the very heavy 8 inches of snow we had gotten over the previous 18 hours. Banana and I then went out and grabbed some Mexican food at Los Tejanos Restaurante. I had a couple of steak enchiladas and Banana had Fajitas. Good food, very friendly service. I'm sure we'll be back.

On the drive to Banana's house, I realized I could still feel the significant "thump" that prompted me to bring my truck in. I knew I needed the CV joint, as it was toasted. So I got up early today, and called the shop, and brought the truck in again. Back to Burger King for another day of paper writing. $340 later and I now have two new rear torsion bar mounts, and the clunk is gone. Not good timing 2 weeks before my wedding and honeymoon, but I guess I have to have a safe vehicle.

I have been way behind all semester long. I got behind in September School with the combination of a lot of writing, and the death of Banana's grandmother calling us out of town. That pushed course work into this semester, which delayed my current work. This just kept on adding upon itself, while we bought two rental houses, I moved to a new apartment, and we tried to plan our wedding. Added onto this has been my work at my church, my working at the resturant, and my incredibly heavy semester as a teaching assistant. The result of this is our vacation/honeymoon can't come soon enough. I'm wiped out, and still have a lot of writing before my semester is over. That's the bad thing about graduate school, or at least Seminary. It's as much writing in some individual classes as entire years of undergraduate work. So I'm just venting here I guess, and if anybody is still reading I apologize for dumping. The good part of all of this is that the papers I am writing are quite interesting, and I think I might use some of them here on the blog (eventually).

So if my posting is a bit light and infrequent, please check back mid-January when my life will begin to get back into regular patterns.

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