Thursday, December 22, 2005

I got tagged for a meme...

Today I was tagged by fellow Minnesota Orginzation of Blogs (MOB) member Night Writer. It's a simple meme, one that Night Writer refered to as "weird".

So with that, I will list 5 weird habits or things that I do:

1) I don't eat vegetables for the most part. I like corn, peas (never canned), green beans, asperagus if cooked right, carrots and not much else.

2) I have been randomly approached 5 different times by people to do voice overs for commercials on radio. Most often this has happened in the restaurants I have worked in over the years. People like my voice, which I think is weird anyhow.

3) I always put my right sock on first. I always put my left leg through my underwear and pants first. I have no idea why, I just do.

4) I enjoy painting. That in itself is not weird, but I enjoy painting in spite of the fact that I have ZERO talent. I'm serious. I set up a special date with my fiancee last Spring where we did some painting (she was an Art Education major in college). She's artistic in every sense of the word. My art looked so bad, and was honestly so embarrassing, that I put the brushes down and began finger painting. I hadn't finger painted since Kindergarden I'm guessing. The finger painting looked far better than my original. My fiancee can verify this. I'm that bad. Yet I enjoy it.

5) I own nearly 20 pocket knives of various size, shapes, uses and designs.

I'll give some thought to who I will tag with this, and perhaps post that later if time allows. I've got a wedding to finalize details on, I have to move, and I have papers to write!


Jason Coriell said...

Hey, thanks for coming by our blog and leaving the good info.

BTW, you have some strange traits!

mrclm said...

Which trait(s) would that be? Or do you mean them all?

Big Chris