Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Eagle Brook Church Christmas Service Promo...

I got this in my inbox today from Eagle Brook Church, Lino Lakes, MN.

A Note From Pastor Bob Merritt

Dear Church Family,

In three days, we’ll open the doors for our first Christmas Eve at our new campus—and we have done everything humanly possible with music, lighting, video, faith story and message to prepare for what I think will be our most memorable Christmas Eve ever. You and your family will not want to miss this one. Over 7500 tickets have been picked up which means that we’re expecting 9000 or more people to actually attend our six services. If you haven’t picked up tickets yet, please choose a service other than the 6 o’clock on Friday and the 3 o’clock on Saturday. Both of those are full. You can reserve your tickets online right now.

But here’s the real reason I’m writing this email. I think the people who will be most disappointed on Christmas Eve will be those who failed to invite their unchurched friends and family members to church. I personally have invited a dozen people, most of whom have said they will come. The new building is a definite draw and makes for an easy invite. I’ve even sent a few invitations by mail. We believe this will be the day many have been waiting for all of their lives.

The programming elements and message we have planned will make you laugh, think, reflect and wonder about your life and relationship with God. This one will capture the hearts of young and old, churched and unchurched, and we’re praying that hundreds will begin their new life with Christ in just three days from now. So I can’t say it strongly enough—get there early, don’t come alone, and please pray that this will be the day that hundreds finally find Jesus as their Savior, Lord and lifelong friend.

With great expectation that God will show up,


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Ant said...

You may disagree, but if I'd emailed this out to a congregation, I'm not sure I would expect it to go on someone's blog! You may think differently, but I just was a little surprised to see it posted. Why did you want to post it?
Don't want to get heavy - just a comment

mrclm said...

Thanks for stopping in again Ant! I understand your question.

This wasn't a personal/private email. It's a common publication in the church, emailed to 10,000 or so people. It is always also available on their web site. So I'm not posting something that hasn't been posted previously, and is available elsewhere on the web. Additionally, the staff (including the senior pastor) is very aware of my blog, they check it on their computers at work, and they've made comments to me about it when they see me at church. Thus far they have been fine with my free promotions of their church. If you Google Eagle Brook Church you'll see my page rakings on some of my articles (I have #2 and #3 behind the church's web site), which means a lot of people are getting this info via my blog. I have a good relationship with this church and their staff. I was the Teaching Assistant for their Senior Pastor Bob Merritt (the guy who wrote the Christmas Service email) for two years here at Bethel Seminary. I respect him enormously, and if there is something simple (and in this case free) that I can do that may help further their kingdom work at that church I'll gladly do it.

Big Chris

Ant said...

Hi Chris
Fair enough. No problems. Apologies if I seemed a bit off. Go for it! Hope it goes well!