Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Review: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Premise: (taken from Pluggedinonline.com)

Cheese-lover Wallace, inventor of wacky contraptions, has set up the Anti-Pesto pest-control business with his loyal sidekick, Gromit the dog. His specialty is capturing rabbits, an important job in his village, home of the annual Giant Vegetable Competition. (You can’t grow oversized zucchini and pumpkins if you have rabbits constantly raiding your vegetable patch.) Things start looking up for Anti-Pesto when Wallace is contacted by the slightly batty Lady Campanula Tottington, sponsor of the vegetable competition. It seems her estate is being overrun by marauding bunnies.

Another suitor for Lady Tottington’s attention is the self-important Victor Quartermaine, whose idea of pest control is a good blast from a shotgun. But Wallace’s is a humane pest-control biz. He doesn’t kill the rabbits; he vacuums them from their holes (of course using one of his over-complicated inventions, the Bun-Vac 6000) and keeps them in the basement of his house. But you should see his carrot bill! He finds that he cannot keep this up forever, so he must find a way to get rabbits to dislike vegetables. Enter another Wallace contrivance: the Mind-O-Matic, a machine that will allow him to transfer his thoughts (“I hate veggies!”) to the bunnies.

But the villagers soon find they have bigger things to worry about—literally. A giant beast of unknown provenance is raiding vegetable patches throughout the countryside, leaving them looking as if they’ve been hit by a bomb. With a bit of investigation, Wallace and Gromit learn that they’re dealing with—cue dramatic monster-movie music—a were-rabbit! Is there some connection to Anti-Pesto’s pest-catching policy? And will Victor Quartermaine get the were-rabbit first, thus winning Lady Tottington’s heart? Not if the intrepid Wallace and Gromit have anything to say about it.

Banana and I went and saw Wallace & Gromit last week as a kind of date night. I say kind of because we went out to dinner with some of her old college friends, who had just gotten back into town from Orlando (a couple of days after Wilma passed through Florida). We and their two cute sons had some excellent pizza and cheese bread at Davanni's Pizza in Roseville, MN.

The movie starts out a little bit slow. Miss Banana found her mind wondering a bit early on in the movie, but it did eventually pick up and became very engaging. The movie is a great escape. If you follow the review above (which I read after I saw the movie) you will see they think the movie pushed the Rated "G" envelope a bit. I would agree. Nothing terrible, but a few instances of double meanings of words and other witty word play that might be a bit more adult than Rated "G". No real violence unless you count the consumation of veggies as violence, though there is quite a bit of physical comedy. Not much as far as spiritual content, though a few scenes take place in a church and involve a priest. I would give this movie a high rating for entertainment factor, and would reccommend it for ages 8 and up. Check out the full review for a more detailed analysis of the risque portions of the film. Also remember a lot of the movie is rooted in what I would consider more of a Brittish style humor (or is it humour...). One thing I really appreciated from the movie was Gromit's loyalty to Wallace, even in the tough times. And it's funny. Laugh out loud funny.

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