Friday, November 04, 2005

Life on the other side...

As I type this, I am proctoring a test for a Transformational Leadership course (ML113) for Justin Irving, of Bethel Seminary. The students taking the test are from all over the world. One student I know has flown into Minneapolis/St. Paul from Hong Kong for the course(s). This is part of the "InMinistry" program that Bethel offers as a service to people in ministry who cannot (or choose not to) attend a regular seminary program. Bethel Seminary's goal and passion is to bring first class, graduate level, Christian education to ministry professionals, wherever they may be, without requiring them to relocate or put their ministry on hold, so that they can reach their full potential and further the kingdom of God. The students interact in an online system called Blackboard where they are able to communicate about projects, submit ideas for peer review, turn in papers, and many other things that normally take place in the classroom. The students then come to our main campus in Arden Hills, MN for two weeks of "intensives" where they spend all day, 5 days a week in classroom settings getting the distilled wisdom of their professors. I think this is an excellent opportunity, and am glad that Bethel offers it as an option. For more on the program click HERE.


Amy Nicholson said...

um, you're blog seems very cool. Following those fun little links, you know.

I'm wondering why you feel the need to throw labels on yourself from the beginning that aren't Biblical? (not meaning anti-biblical; just don't see "bond-servant of Christ" which would be an example of a Biblical labeling) Such words seem to build walls immediately because "Consevartive, evangelical, Baptist, and Chirstian" all have different denotations and conotations that may or may not be true about you. The content of the blog should make your character and connections clear soon enough, don't you think?

We don't know each other, so I hope that you see this is just honest disinterested criticism to help you on you quest to serve God and bring Him glory.

Beautiful mosiac-like picture. My Greek is too rusty to translate. That's so sad.

mrclm said...

I think of it more as a truth in advertising type of thing. I just stating up front those things which shape my world view, so that anyone who progresses beyond my title bar knows who they are dealing with. After long study, I am confortable with my being Baptist as being Biblical, my being evangelical as a direction given by Christ, and my being conservative as my politics, which are informed by Christ through Scripture. The Bible must be the first filter through which we view life, and my being all the other things come secondary to that.

Big Chris