Friday, November 25, 2005

Life Church - check this out...

Life Church is a very interesting multi-site church, with churches in Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona. I point them out because they have a great web site, where you can watch their current sermon series "Parenthood". The way they have it set up though is quite impressive. It's more than just watching the video. Sermon notes pop up at appropriate times during the messages. It is seamless and smooth, and a model that many churches could learn from. Certainly not every church has the ability (financial or manpower) to accomplish this, but it's nice to know what other churches are doing who are on the leading edge of things. I will say that at first I didn't dig their senior pastor's presentation style, but he's grown on me. Interestingly, Life Church is an Evangelical Covenant Church, which is very similar to the Baptist General Conference and the Evangelical Free churches.

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