Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kevin Garnett donates $1.2 MILLION to Hurricane Katrina relief...

I thought this was worthy of note. Kevin Garnett is one of my all time favorite NBA players. Yes, I do live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro, but I would really like KG no matter where I live. Many readers of this blog may not be aware of the fact that I am a huge NBA fan, and I blog regularly on the Seattle SuperSonics at So when I saw on tonight that KG was kicking in $1.2 million dollars to Hurricane Katrina relief, I felt I should make mention of this generous gift. KG could remain in his house in Medina and keep his money to himself. Instead he is giving it away to make an impact on people's lives. I think many professional athletes could learn a lot from KG. He shows up every day, pours his heart out on the court, and rarely do you hear him complain. He leads by example.


blund said...


Great blog. I'm just a few blocks away from you (my wife and I did undergrad @ Bethel). Congrats on getting married. I'm sure Cancun will be beautiful. I have a bunch of friends at the sem, I'll ask about you.


mrclm said...

Thanks for visiting. I would love living here except for the constant noise from 694. If they would put up a sound wall this would be one of the best places in the metro to live.