Sunday, October 09, 2005

What do people need?

The central need of people is to be reestablished in a living relationship with a loving God -- to love God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. How should we live in order to help them do this?

The first phase is bearing witness that reconciliation is possible (Acts 1:8). Christians are to bear personal verbal testimony of their salvation in Christ. We are to live lives that demonstrate that reconciliation with God has been accomplished, with Christ as our mediator. We are also to call on those who are not living under the rule of God to repent of thei rattitudes and deeds, and to give their lives to Christ and to join us in worshipping him. It is our priviledge as Christians to be used in this way by God, as His instruments to reach the world.

The second phase is that we must build up those who have entered God's kingdom through discipleship and in community through the church. This is where believers are to be nurtured, strenghtened, and ecouraged, as well as where they are sent out to the harvest field to continue with the first phase.

The third phase is that we are to live lives that shine light into the dark places of the world, and we are to act as preservatives in the world to effect healing of hearts, minds, souls and bodies. This healing is to take place both individually and corporately. Light needs to be brought to bear wherever injustice prevails, and salt needs to be applied when justice has made its mark.


The above is influenced by and in part taken from: Introducing World Mission by Moreau, Corwin and McGee

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