Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Life on a Stick...

This past weekend I took my parents to Eagle Brook Church, in White Bear Lake, MN when they were visiting for our wedding shower. The worship was fantastic as always. They have rocking worship, with excellent contemporary songs mixed with modern takes on hymns and older songs. Matt Berry wasn't leading this week, but it was still excellent nonetheless. Bob Merritt preached a sermon called "Life on a stick" in keeping with the State Fair time of year. The idea was that whatever is on the stick is the "best" of whatever. BTW this year they had spaghatti on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair. He examined how we view ourselves in light of this example of the best things coming on a stick. It was an interesting route to take, but eventually he was able to tie it in with how God views us each as unique master pieces of His creation. He talked about how our self image needs to be rooted in the way in which God views and treats us.

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