Sunday, September 25, 2005

Heterosexuality — Still the Choice

Gay activists often claim that 10 percent of the population is homosexual, but the facts tell a different story. A new report from the National Center for Health Statistics finds 2.3 percent of men and 1.3 percent of women view themselves as homosexual. Of the men surveyed, 1.8 percent thought of themselves as bi-sexual and 3.9 percent "something else." The percentages for women were similar.

American Baptists Not Pleased With National Directions

Leaders representing 300 American Baptist churches in Southern California and parts of other Western states announced last week that they have taken the first steps to break with their denomination because they said it had failed to implement previous resolutions that declare homosexual practice incompatible with Christian Scripture. Citing irreconcilable differences over Scriptural authority and homosexuality with their liberal national leaders, the board of directors of the Pacific Southwest region (second largest in the denomination) approved a resolution to begin withdrawing from the 1.5 million member denomination, including cutting off all contributions to the national headquarters as of Dec. 31.

A conservative lay leader in the West Virginia Baptist Convention, the largest in the denomination, said he and his allies are preparing to follow suit at next month's regional meeting. In response, the national offices released a statement of "deep regret" over these decisions by its two largest regions.

It's good to hear that the ABC is finally waking up to this problem in the upper levels of their ranks. I've known this to be a problem within the ABC for quite a number of years. Scripture is clear on God's view of homosexuality, and the only way around it is to abandon Scripture as God's Word. Perhaps the ABC will see a resurgance as the SBC seems to have experienced in recient years.

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