Thursday, November 04, 2004

Republicans, Bush, and a night of prayer

Last night I attended the Republican Victory Party in Minnetonka, Minnesota with my girlfriend. Got to shake hands with some party officials and politicians etc. The cool part was that a friend of my girlfriend had two rooms he opened up and used as prayer rooms for whoever wanted throughout the night as election results came in. They put up signs all over the hotel for it, and throughout the night strangers walked in and were able to pray with other Christians for the elections. What a great ministry. I am excited that Bush won (more excited that Kerry lost), but I am most excited that John Thune defeated Tom Daschle in South Dakota. With a majority in the Senate and House, it will be interesting to see if the Republicans can build on the election momentum. With Daschle out, and the people of the USA speaking on the importance of morals through their votes, I think great things can happen. I know you cannot legislate morality, but you can create an environment where the laws reflect more closely the values of the majority of people in your country. McCain/Powell 08!

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