Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ruth 4:1-12 - Sermon #4 in Ruth Series

I have posted my sermon from this past weekend at WasecaChurch.org - the website for the church I pastor.

Originally I was going to preach all of Chapter 4 this past Sunday, but I cut it back Saturday night to just Ruth 4:1-12. I did this for two reasons. First, we were doing communion and some other stuff during the worship service, and if I had a long sermon or ran long we would have an exceptionally long service. I don't worry a whole lot about my time preaching, though I shoot for 20-30 minutes. I probably would've gone over the 30 minute mark, and with all the other stuff I felt that was just too much. The second reason I saved the last half of Ruth 4 for this coming week is that I think it ties in well with Mother's Day. I thought the way this story ends would be perfect for tie-ins to Mother's Day things, so rather than having to find another message for Mother's Day, I'll use the one I've already been working on.

This sermon series on Ruth has really gone well. People are giving a lot of great feedback on it, and I feel like they are connecting with my message and illustrations.

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