Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ruth 2 - Sermon #2 in Ruth Series

I have posted on my church's web site the sermon I preached last weekend from Ruth 2. I preached through the whole chapter (and all of Ruth 1 the week before). I thought it was a good sermon. For those who were at First Congregational Church of Waseca this last weekend, you will see that I don't stick exactly to my script, but rather it's a rough outline for where I am going. While I might write the whole sermon out most weeks (I didn't for Ruth 1, therefore not much to post but some odd notes) I always stray from that with what comes to my mind. I write it out because it is good practice, and it keeps me from saying things I don't want to or shouldn't say. It keeps me on track, and gives me an idea of where I want to go when I am preaching to keep things progressing forward.

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1 comment:

Brenton Balvin said...

Chris, thanks for the heads up on my blog. I'll look into that.

I know that you're brand new in your church and preaching your pants off, but if there is ever a Sunday you need a back-up or week off, let me know. I'd love to come and share.