Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unleash! - by Perry Noble - a book review

A few weeks back I got a copy of Perry Noble's new book Unleash!  Breaking Free From Normalcy (in a pre-release .pdf format).

I agreed to do a review of it - no strings attached. Say whatever I want.  Not paid for the review in any way.

Perry Noble does what he does well. As a Midwestern pastor I wondered if his book would connect well with me. I've listened to a handful of his sermons, and got to hear him speak on a couple of occasions now. He's always genuine and passionate when speaking, and that continues to come through in the written form. I didn't know if his Southerness would land for me - but it does quite well in a down-homey kinda way. Perry Noble is easy to connect to and relate to as he doesn't present false pretenses of being extra holy in any way because he pastors a large church. I appreciate that.

As for the book, it is a very interesting read. While I can't be quite as fanboy-esque in my review as many of the earlier ones are, I would not hesitate to recommend this book, and may well re-read it again myself.

It connect very well on a real life - day-to-day - kind of way. I appreciate the intentionality to write from a Christ exulting position rather than a man exulting one. The greatest strength in the book is that everything Pastor Noble speaks about seems to come from real life/ministry experience so it connects to my life and spiritual journey. While it is generally endearing, some may find the largely unfiltered mind dump style a bit grating after time. I find it moreso in his speaking than in his writing in this book, though it has never reached the level where I'd not listen to him again. Just an endearing idiosyncrasy to me.

The book is filled with quotable lines and thought provoking sections. And Noble doesn't leave it there, he challenges you to take it personally and apply his wisdom (and passion + sense of adventure) to your own walk.

I believe that most people would enjoy this book, and that it would serve as a spiritual 5-hour energy shot to most people's spiritual lives.  If you are spiritually in a rut, give this a try!

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