Sunday, December 18, 2011

When Joy and Grief Clash

During this time of year when we are constantly reminded of joy and happiness and being merry, we must remember as pastors that there may be those in our churches who are grieving the loss of a spouse or maybe a child, and the Holiday season only reminds them of those who are gone. Nancy Guthrie, who along with her husband David, co-hosts the GriefShare video series, brings encouragement to those who are feeling anything but joyful. “So it is possible to have a happy Thanksgiving, a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year---even when that joy is mixed with sorrow. Hope and joy at Christmas come from knowing that Christ's life that began in a cradle ended on a cross. His death-conquering death was followed by resurrection, the first-fruits of all who will one day rise from their graves,” writes Guthrie. To read her article, “Joy to This Cursed World,” go to

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