Thursday, September 01, 2011

Preaching Magazine's 25 Most Influential Pastors of the Past 25 Years

Because the primary focus and audience of Preaching magazine has been the American pulpit, that is the context in which these preachers are recognized. Many gifted and influential preachers have served faithfully around the world and in terms of Kingdom impact may have touched far more than many of those listed below. We may not know them, but God does.
Here, then, are the 25 most influential preachers of the past 25 years:
1.  Billy Graham
2. Chuck Swindoll
3.  Rick Warren
4.  Gardner C. Taylor
5.  John MacArthur
6.  Adrian Rogers
7.  Haddon Robinson
8.  Andy Stanley
9.  John R.W. Stott
10.  W.A. Criswell
11.  John Piper
12.  Charles Stanley

13.  Stephen F. Olford
14.  William A. Jones
15.  Bill Hybels
16.  Fred Craddock
17.  Mark Driscoll
18.  Jack Hayford
19.  William Willimon
20.  E.K. Bailey
21.  D. James Kennedy
22.  Barbara Brown Taylor
23.  Warren Wiersbe
24.  Lloyd John Ogilvie
25.  Tim Keller

Of those listed Mark Driscoll & John Piper have had the most significant impact on my preaching and theology.  Bill Hybels opened my mind to vision and leadership in the local church (I have a M.Div with a focus on Transformational Leadership).  Andy Stanley is who I learn a ton of wisdom & insight about the nuts & bolts operations of leading a church.  I read Robinson in seminary & pastored under another leader who studied under Robinson.  I've listened to a fair share of John MacArthur, Adrian Rogers and Tim Keller as well.  Those on the list I wasn't familiar with were Gardner C. Taylor and Fred Craddock.

Click here for the full article with details on each pastor & their ministry.

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