Saturday, September 10, 2011

Evangelical Millennials and Homosexual Issues

A recent Public Religion Research Institute telephone survey of 3,000 Millennials, conducted between July 14 and 30, indicates that people between the ages of 18 and 29 have more liberal views on same-sex issues than their parents and grandparents — regardless of political affiliations or Christian faith. The survey found that 44 percent of white evangelical Millennials favor same-sex marriage, compared to only 12 percent of evangelical seniors and 19 percent of evangelicals overall.

Dawn McBane, director for Rising Voice for Citizen Link — a year-old outreach to Millennials — said, “It’s important to make sure Christian Millennials understand the importance of a biblical worldview so they can think well about issues of marriage and sexuality,” she said. “Our desire is to encourage Millennials to think deeply about issues from a biblical worldview and then challenge them to live out their beliefs in every-day life.” []


Joey said...

This is interesting to me since I fall into the "18-29 white evangelical" range and favor same-sex marriage being legalized. There's a difference, though, in supporting same sex marriage and supporting its legalization. In other words, supporting its legalization does not equal supporting it. I equate it to supporting removing so-called sodomy laws that forbade same-sex relationships or removing laws that forbid cohabitation outside of marriage. Believing something should be legal does not mean one believes it's right.

I had a post on this a year and a half ago that drew a rebuke from my dad. I think older generations tend to tie religious beliefs to political beliefs to a greater degree than my generation. Of course, it's also fair to say that each generation tends to be a bit more liberal than the previous one, especially as interactions with people of differing views increase and formerly staunch views are softened.

Chris Meirose said...

Joey - it is also a trend to be more liberal when you are younger and before you have children. Then as we age, and as kids come into the mix, many find their views, especially in politics, starting to shift and change. Since I both came to faith late and got married and started a family late I am an outlier in this, but I do know that is a statistically significant trend nonetheless.