Sunday, August 28, 2011

Could Christians End Extreme Poverty?

Several Christ-centered organizations are partnering to eradicate extreme poverty by 2035. The project, called “58”, is led by Scott Todd, a senior adviser at Compassion International, one of the organizations sponsoring the project. Some of the other groups involved are: HOPE International; Christian Reformed World Relief Committee; Living Water International; and Food for the Hungry. The group designed a website to highlight hundreds of organizations that are working to fight poverty.

The project is rooted in the biblical passage of Isaiah 58 where the prophet Isaiah tells the Jews that their fasts are meaningless because they are rooted in greed and desire for personal gain. If they really want the world around them to improve, the prophet tells them, they need to fast for the right reasons — to help those around them and to cleanse themselves of wickedness. []

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keri said...

Another component of 58: is a book, Fast Living: How the Church Will End Extreme Poverty. This book is phenomenal. I highly recommend it. While poverty and its causes are complex and multi-faceted, Fast Living helped simplify and clarify the issues for me. We can change the world, simply by choosing to obey God's call to fast and pray (as described in Isaiah 58). I wrote an article inspired by several books, including this one, you can use it on your blog or newsletter, or just as a study guide: