Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eagle Brook Church - Woodbury campus opening Fall 2011

Eagle Brook Church has been talking for a while about building a campus site in Woodbury, and it appears they'll start meeting prior to the building being completed (see below).  Their temporary location is about a mile from the new campus for Crossroads Church (where we used to attend and serve prior to my current church).  Both are exceptional churches reaching people for Jesus.  The great thing is that Pastor Bob Merritt of Eagle Brook Church and Pastor Phil Print are long-time good friends.  So while I suspect there are some "unknowns" for Crossroads - I'm nearly positive Pastor Phil Print has welcomed Eagle Brook with wide open Kingdom vision arms.  There are some similarities between the churches, both being relevant with outstanding preaching, but the are both definitely their own type of church as well.

This campus will take off quickly with both Jason Anderson and Steve Duede leading the way.  By selecting these two as the point people Eagle Brook Church has made it clear that they have big expectations for the Woodbury Campus and are investing with some of their best resources up front.

From the Not Without You blog - post by Scott Anderson, Executive Pastor of Eagle Brook Church(s)

A Woodbury Campus: Opening Fall 2011

By Scott Anderson, Executive Pastor

Our plans to launch a church in Woodbury are quickly coming together!

Since purchasing 40 acres of property in Woodbury, our desire has always been to begin construction as soon as we were able. And yet an even bigger goal has been to get started as soon as possible, because we’re simply running out of room at our current campuses.

An opportunity to launch within East Ridge High School in Woodbury appears imminent, meaning we will have our first weekend services there sometime this fall.

Though plans must still be finalized with the school, we are working on to be ready from a staff and volunteer standpoint.

Lino Lakes Campus Pastor Jason Anderson, also a member of our Teaching Team, has accepted the Woodbury campus pastor position, and is already hard at work building the team that will be needed for this unique opportunity.

We’re also pleased to announce that Steve Duede, worship pastor at Lino Lakes, will be Woodbury’s worship pastor. By July 1, we expect to have many of the staff in place and be well on our way to identifying key volunteer team members.

Since the Woodbury campus will be in a temporary location, it will have its share of challenges, but our team has been researching, visiting, and learning from other mobile churches so that we can be as prepared as possible for this reality.

The great news is that the school looks and feels a lot like Eagle Brook already, and the people there are excited to have us.

We’re being given the opportunity to do what God has called this church to do—reach others for Christ. As long as He opens the doors, we will continue to walk through them.

Woodbury is calling—how will you respond?

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