Saturday, December 04, 2010

Holiday Lights in Sioux Falls

The video below is from the day after Thanksgiving - filmed by a guy I went to college with - Christian Begeman. He really does an excellent job capturing some of the beauty of the day as Sioux Falls begins to celebrate the Christmas season. The music comes from another of the people I went to college with, the exceptionally gifted Liz Teel.

At the 1:47 mark you'll see a tree light up on the left hand side of the video (watch full screen!). That tree stands next to the Federal Building. Just a few days prior it stood in my parents' front lawn! That tree was planted by us in 1980, and concludes its life in a very beautiful way - as a reminder of CHRISTmas.

Holiday Lights from Christian Begeman on Vimeo.

A time lapse of two early holiday events in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that took place in late November, 2010

The original music was written and performed by my friend Liz Teel. The song is called "Gloria."

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