Saturday, December 25, 2010

Crazy last 48 hours

I love Christmas Eve, but I'm kinda glad it comes just once a year!  I'm exhausted quite frankly.  Between snow blowing and shoveling, sermon writing, family time and many other things, I've barely had a moment to collect my thoughts these last two days.

I'm excited for what 2011 has in store.  I'm blessed to not have to preach the next two weeks with the more than capable Brenton Balvin filling in for me both weeks.  By the way, if you need someone for pulpit supply, I'll put you in touch with Brenton - he's very capable and widely available for preaching engagements.

Then in just under a week we have our 5 year wedding anniversary.  I think I have something planned my wife will really enjoy, I just hope it doesn't kill me!  If you don't hear from me on Facebook after December 31st, you'll know I met my tragic end bringing joy to my wife.

And while this is our son's 2nd Christmas, it's really the first one he's able to participate in.  Earlier tonight he got to open a few gifts, and has discovered he really enjoys that process.  Tomorrow should be fun!

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