Monday, September 27, 2010

Church website overhaul

Last week I entirely overhauled our church website at (aka ) for First Congregational Church of Waseca, MN where I pastor.  If you have a few minutes I'd appreciate any constructive criticism you might have of this overhaul.  I'm sure it can get better, and appreciate anything others may catch.  I'm a pastor & not a designer, but for the cost and time involved I am pretty happy with how it looks and functions.  Someday we'd like to purchase a site from someone like Clover, but for now, this is in our budget.  But cheap doesn't have to = bad, so give me any ideas you might have!  In the end it is another tool in the transmission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, so may it bring Him fame and glory!

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Meek said...

Responding to: "I'm a paster & not a designer..."

Your content covers what is most essential in a church website. However the delivery of the content could be improved using a simple template that can be downloaded for free and uploaded to your site in seconds. Your content will be preserved.

I came across these two church templates today at

The demos are here:

I think they look professional, welcoming and have GREAT user functionality (video section, categories).

Once you download a template, you can upload it under Dashboard > Design > Edit HTML > Choose file.