Thursday, December 17, 2009

Copper Christmas tree skirt

Our Christmas tree is adorned with almost exclusively copper colored ornaments. My wife loves the copper color and has been collecting the ornaments for years, and actually has more ornaments than the tree we bought this year can hold.  We also have a copper clad angel to top the tree, with copper colored ribbon wrapped around the tree.  The copper stand nicely in contrast to the green of the tree, so it is a nice looking combination (there are some white ornaments too, but they are greatly outnumbered).  The one thing my wife was missing was a tree skirt, so I told her to search on - if they didn't have one I don't know who would.  Lo and behold they indeed had some, and one she really liked at a great price - Sterling 199314 Tree Skirt. So I have ordered that for her and am hoping it gets here before Christmas!

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