Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Breville ikon Hemisphere LCD Blender

We got a new toy for our kitchen. Well, it's really not a toy, but an incredible piece of machinery.

A bit of background first. For our wedding, we received the top of the line Cuisinart Blender. We don't use a blender a whole lot, and in the first 2 years of owning this blender we used it maybe 15 times I'm guessing, and never for prolonged periods, and not to chop ice that I remember. This past July my wife was making a smoothie for herself, and while doing this the Cuisinart unit decided to grenade itself. It shredded the metal gears on both the drive on the base as well as on the jar. It destroyed the bushings in the jar as well. Metal shavings all over our counter! Obviously we weren't pleased, especially considering the light usage.

We brought the unit back into Bloomingdale's (a few weeks ago) where we got it, and they refunded our money. The salesman (my wife tells me) suggested the Breville BBL600XL/A Ikon Hemisphere LCD Blender. He said it was the best he's ever sold. He said they would have to order it, but that it would be worth the wait. So today my father-in-law gave me our new unit (they picked it up for us since we don't live in the Twin Cities any longer). I unboxed it tonight, and am very impressed. The unit weighs a ton and is beautifully constructed. Everything from the seal on the top of the jar to the plug for the outlet is well designed. This is clearly a blender a step above the competition. Of course you pay for that, but thanks to generous friends and family members we did not have to foot the bill for over half of this unit.

BBL600XL Feature 1
The 54 ounce (1.6 L) engineering grade borosilicate glass jar is designed to resist scratching, chipping and fogginess for optimal clarity. The baked enamel measurements in both metric and empirical volumes provide for sharp viewing and accurate measurements.
BBL600XL Feature 2
Control Pad
The pad is designed without crevices for fast cleaning and gives you precise control over the 750 watt motor’s 5 speed settings and pulse function. It also features two special presets for ice crushing and smoothies and a back lit, easy-to-read digital timer.
BBL600XL Feature 3
The jar features easy blade removal for thorough and effortless cleaning of the jar and Hemisphere™ Bowl/Blade System. All jar and blade parts are top-shelf dishwasher safe. The Bowl/Blade System easily locks into place and seals for leak-free performance.

An extra little bonus that comes with this blender is that in the sizable operations manual is a very nice set of recipes that can be made in the blender. I'm looking forward to giving this blender a nice workout some time soon!


Dave T. said...

Does this mean you're on a smoothie kick?

Chris Meirose said...

We'll have to see about that. There was a period in Seminary where I was making knock off Orange Julius drinks that were fantastic, and I'd love to whip one of those up here soon!

Wootaholic's Anonymous said...

good deal on a breville blender at woot tonight. just noticed it.