Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mark and Grace Driscoll taking their kids to Australia

I'm assuming that as I write this that Mark and Grace Driscoll, along with their 5 children, are somewhere over the Pacific Ocean in an airplane. They will be in Australia until September on a combination speaking tour and vacation.

Pastor Driscoll is a brave man, I'm pretty sure I'm not up to the task of 20 hours in flight with 5 children on my plane, let alone 5 of MY children WITH me!

From the Mission & Vision Blog for Mars Hill Church:

Grace and I are at the airport headed out with the Fab 5 (aka our kids) for a 20 hour flight to Australia. We will spend three weeks vacationing there in Sydney. The kids are really excited to see the Sydney Opera house, hold a koala, and go to the world’s oldest amusement park.

After three weeks, poppa daddy (that’s what the kids call me) will preach about 30 sermons over the course of 11 days. Anyone wanting to join us or pray for those events can check out most of the public events here. Thankfully, most of the events seem to have filled up and we’re pushing 6,000 in the Sydney Entertainment Center for the Burn Your Plastic Jesus event. If you want to pray for one event, please pray for this one. The week we arrive Chris Rock is headlining there and so Grace and I are going to see one of my favorite comedians. A few weeks later I am preaching from the same stage and hope to see God fill the room to its’ 10,000 seat capacity and see many people meet Jesus. Tickets are on sale here.

This summer I will spend about 80 hours on airplanes as there is a lot of travel. But, my friends at www.Logos.com have loaded my MacBook Pro up with so much amazing study material that I can stay caught up on writing and researching on the road and for that I am deeply grateful. We’ll miss everyone back home in Seattle, and look forward to seeing our friends at Mars Hill Church again in September.

Pastor Mark Driscoll
aka Poppa Daddy

So if you think of it, pray for Mark for his speaking that it would powerfully move forward the mission of Jesus in Australia. Pray also for safe and speedy travel, with happy quiet children!

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