Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eagle Brook Church moves from megachurch to gigachurch!

I'm not certain that it's newsworthy (they crossed the 10,000 barrier a while ago) but Eagle Brook Church of Lino Lakes/White Bear Lake/Spring Lake Park is in the Star Tribune today. The author seems to be a bit slanted in his perspective, but any publicity is good publicity is how the saying goes, and this isn't really negative, just not quite positive. Nonetheless it is great to hear of a regional church who is making a difference in their community. I have a number of friends on staff at Eagle Brook -e.g. I was Pastor Bob Merritt's teaching assistant for a couple of years in Seminary, Jason Strand who is reference in the article for his sermon went to Bethel Seminary with me, and I was on staff at Spring Lake Park Baptist Church with some of the Eagle Brook staff before SLPBC became a campus of Eagle Brook Church.

Reading the comments on the Trib article, you'll find a lot of uninformed people lashing out against Eagle Brook. In spite of the size of Eagle Brook Church, they have worked very intentionally to connect people in small groups so they have a strong connecting point at church. They have more volunteers on a given weekend than 95+% of all churches have attenders. They preach the Word, making Jesus know, giving Glory to God. They are making a difference in their community and the world. They are helping other regional churches in many ways. They are doing great things! But because they are big, some people will blindly lash out against them. That's silly and immature. I pastor a small church, and understand that not everyone will be comfortable in a sanctuary that seats 2200 people, but that doesn't make it wrong. Lives are being transformed by Jesus there, eternities are being changed. Glory to God for that. May they continue to grow and may their influence multiply as they give credit to God for all their success!

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